Innovation program by NADA gives impact to agency’s staffs, clients and society

By: Izyan Liyana Mohd Darif

KAJANG, November 2nd, 2021 – Staffs of National Anti-drugs Agency (NADA) are encouraged to keep proactive in carrying out given task with efficiency, friendly way and to use a more innovative approach in order to provide the best service for community.

General Director of NADA, Tuan Sutekno Ahmad Belon says, staffs of the agency also have to ensure the provided services are distributed equally to all clients, clients’ family and the whole community who have drug problems.

“We are in a unstable, unpredictable era and it has no provision. The world revolves around so quickly towards a destination without certainty.

“In other words, we are living in a fast, changing world, volatile and unpredictable. Covid-19 pandemic is the main factor which affects the uncertainties that are currently happening.

“Therefore, the innovation culture must be practiced in order for us to stay relevant as a main agency in giving out effective services towards clients and community even though in unclear environment. Business is indeed, unusual,” he says.

He says that during NADA’s Innovation and Excellence Day 2021 which takes place in NADA’s Headquarters Office in here, on Tuesday.

Also present in the program is Deputy General Director (Management) of NADA, Chan Jong Jin and NADA’s Deputy General Director (Operation), Dato’ Dr. Muhamad Sade Mohamad Amin.

Sutekno adds, according to Global Innovation Index (GII) Report, 2020 records Malaysia to improve on two levels and sits on the 33rd place from 131 countries in comparison to the 35th place last year.

“This achievement (international level) shows the need for this country to stay competitive and aggressive through creative and innovative thinking which is thinking without the box.

“Hence, we have to double up the effort in creating various innovative ideas in the system of providing service in parallel with rapid growth of globalisation flow in this era,” he explains further.

During the ceremony, Sutekno also spends time in viewing innovation products which are produced by 12 groups of Pusat Tanggungjawab (PTJ), NADA’s Headquarters, NADA States and Narcotics Addiction Rehabilitation Centres (PUSPEN) which take part in the competition.

Besides that, he also takes the chance to give out gifts for all winners of NADA’s Innovation and Excellence Day 2021.

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