HADK 2022: Combating Drugs is a Shared Responsibility of Various Parties

By: Izyan Liyana Mohd Darif

TEMERLOH, 21 Mei 2022 – The role and responsibility for combating the drug problems do not only lie with the National Anti-Drug Agency (NADA), but rather require the collaboration of other parties.

According to Deputy Minister of Home Affairs I, Dato ‘Sri Dr. Ismail Mohamed Said, the help, support, and cooperation of community leaders, agencies, and other departments is clearly needed in light of the current trend of drug addiction, which is perceived as extremely challenging.

“The government, especially the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA), is very concerned about the ongoing drug addiction problems. The rise in the usage of synthetic drugs and new pharmaceuticals necessitates innovative solutions that are in step with current trends.

“Treatment and rehabilitation become more challenging as synthetic substances cause addicts to develop mental health problems, prompting more specialised treatment programmes,” he explained.

He said that at the Opening Ceremony of the AADK Bersama Masyarakat Program in Temerloh, Pahang.

NADA Director General, Tuan Sutekno Ahmad Belon; Director of the Prevention Division, Zainudin Abdullah and Director of Pahang State NADA, Zirwatul Ahlam Zam Zam presented in the ceremony.

The AADK Bersama Masyarakat programme in Temerloh, Pahang, coincides with the National Anti-Drug Day (HADK) 2022 commemoration at the Pahang State level.

Visitors to the event were able to seek advice and information on drug problems from the NADA Exhibition Bus and the Mobile Rehabilitation Treatment Service Bus (MRT), as well as participate in a variety of fun activities and product stalls.

NADA approached Muay Thai fans, say no to drugs!

In a related development and collaboration with HADK 2022 at the Pahang State level, NADA extended the effort to channel anti-drug messages to the people of Temerloh at the Temerloh Muay Thai Fight 2022 event at the Ketumbit Football Field in Temerloh, Pahang.

The campaign was designed to provide advising services and service exhibitions to avoid people from being involved with drugs.

Remarkably, audiences were not only able to see the agile movements of Muay Thai athletes from various countries, but they were also able to obtain information on drug misuse at the NADA Exhibition Bus offered at the event site.

In conjunction with the launch of NADA’s new mobile service, the MRT, NADA’s target is now on sports fans.