FAQ: Rehabilitation Centre (Volunteer)

1.  What is a Rehabilitation Centre (Volunteer)?

It is an open facility that offers treatment and rehabilitation programmes for drug problems. It is conducted as an      open access service and is voluntary. No pre-condition is imposed on clients.

2.  Who is eligible for the services provided at Rehabilitation Centre (Volunteer)?

  • Drug addict
  • Drug users
  • Drug abusers
  • Co-dependents (family members who are involved in the drug problem).

3.  Is there any payment imposed for services provided at Rehabilitation Centre (Volunteer)?

No payment is imposed.

4.  What is the role of a peer counsellor?

  • To listen, help and explain on behalf of the client about matters that the client wants to get across but does not express or to provide answers to the client
  • To control the discussion especially in experience sharing sessions so that it does not trigger relapses
  • To encourage group members to accept and support one another
  • To ensure that the group is not monopolised by any particular individual, especially during discussions
  • To avoid asking group members “why” such as questioning their actions or motivation
  • To avoid making generalisations