FAQ: NADA Research Grant

Application to Conduct academic Research/Study/Writing

1. Can data collection for the purposes of  academic research/study/writing be conducted at NADA Drug Rehabilitation Centres?

Data collection for the purposes of academic research/study/writing is only allowed to be conducted at the Cure & Care Clinics and subject to approval from the management of NADA headquarters.

2.  What is the procedure to obtain approval for conducting academic study/research/writing in NADA institutions and community?

The procedure to obtain approval to conduct academic study/research/writing at a NADA Drug Rehabilitation Centre is as follows:

a)  The applicant is required to submit an application to the NADA Headquarter which include the following items:

  • Letter of application to conduct an academic study/research/writing
  • Letter of confirmation from University/Higher Education Institution
  • Research Proposal including questionnaire related to the academic study/research/writing

b)  The application must be submitted at least one month before the proposed date to conduct the study

c) If the application is approved, the applicant is required to sign an agreement letter in conducting study/research at NADA’s facilities, Ministry of Home Affairs and return it to the NADA Planning Branch before the study/research can be conducted. The findings of the research/study must be presented in front of NADA’s top management.

d)  If no answer is received within two (2) months, the application is deemed to have failed.

e) A copy of the results of the research/study findings (hardbound) shall be submitted to the Policy, Planning and Research Division of NADA headquarters after completion of the research/study.

Research under the National Anti-Drugs Agency Research Grant

1.  Does NADA have research grants?

Yes, NADA has research grants to research on drugs or substance abuse use at NADA, develop or improving existing or new products, processes or services with innovative elements in line with current needs and establishing a professional workforce in the area of drugs or substance use as well as ensuring that the programmes carried out are capable of helping the country reach its goal of a drug-free Malaysia.

2.  Who may apply for the NADA Research Grant?

Research under the NADA Research Grant is open to applicants from local Higher Education Institutions

3. What is the procedure for application to conduct research under the NADA Research Grant?

The procedure for application to conduct research under the NADA Research Grant is as follows:

a) The applicant must submit a proposal paper using the NADA Research Grant Form that may be downloaded from the official NADA website.

b) The completed application must be submitted to the following address:

Director General
National Anti-Drugs Agency
Ministry of Home Affairs
Jalan Maktab Perguruan Islam
43000 Kajang, Selangor
(Attn: Director of Policy, Planning and Research Division)
Tel. No : 03 8911 2200
Fax No. : 03 8925 9306

c) The application received will be processed and sent to the NADA Research Grant Steering Committee for consideration.

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