Archive FAQ : Enforcement And Security

1. How do I channel complaints on drug addiction and abuse activities in my area?

2. How long does it take before I receive feedback on my complaint?

You will receive feedback on your complaint within 3 working days.

3. Will I be notified of any action that has been taken?

You will be notified of all action that has been taken

4. Will my complaint be kept confidential from general knowledge?

All information or identity will be kept confidential by NADA as provided by law.

5. What legal action will be imposed on clients of rehabilitation centres who do not follow the prescribed programme after their release?

When any former client of a rehabilitation centre does not follow the programme, legal action may be taken against him pursuant to section 6(3) of the Drug Dependants Act 1983, whereby upon conviction he may be liable to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 3 years or be liable to whipping not exceeding 3 strokes or both.

6. What are the conditions of surveillance imposed on persons under surveillance under the surveillance order?

There are 6 compulsory conditions to be fulfilled by persons under surveillance under the surveillance order, namely:

  • The persons under surveillance shall remain in the state or federal territory stipulated in the order.
  • The persons under surveillance may not leave the stipulated area without permission from the Director General of NADA.
  • The persons under surveillance must report to the police station in the area ordered upon them.
  • The persons under surveillance may not take, use or possess any dangerous drugs.
  • The persons under surveillance may be asked to do urine tests at any time and in any place ordered by the officer.
  • The persons under surveillance shall undergo the rehabilitation treatment programme provided by the government.

7.What are the legal provisions that may be imposed on a drug addict and drug abuser?

A drug addict may have action taken against him in accordance with the Drug Dependants (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Act 1983 and the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

8.Where can I channel complaints on drug trafficking activities?

Any information on drug trafficking may be channelled directly to the nearest police station and to NADA at 03-89112424.

9.What actions may be taken against a guarantor who fails to ensure the guaranteed person attends hearing on the prescribed date?

A guarantor who fails to bring the person under arrest to attend hearing will lose the guarantee posted unless the court is satisfied with the explanation given by the guarantor.

10.What are the conditions that allow a person to be a guarantor to a suspect?

A Malaysian citizen who has a familial relationship with the person under arrest or any person deemed qualified by the court

11.Can a person who is not a Malaysian citizen undergo treatment and rehabilitation at a NADA rehabilitation centre?

Only Malaysian citizens may undergo treatment and rehabilitation at NADA rehabilitation centres. Nevertheless, non-Malaysians can seek treatment at any registered private drug rehabilitation centre.