AADK And The Government Of Negeri Sembilan Unite In Focusing Of The Issue Of Drug’s Abuse In High Risk Areas

Seremban, July 17th – An honour visit by YDH. CP Dato’ Sri. Zulkifli bin Abdullah, the General Director of The National Anti-drugs Agency (NADA) towards YAB Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan, Dato’ Seri Hj Aminuddin bin Harun, took place in his official residence. This visit was also joined by State Secretary of Negeri Sembilan who was represented by Timbalan SUK, En Nahar bin Sidek, PEMADAM Honorary Secretary of Negeri Sembilan, Seremban District Officer and a representative staff from the headquarters, Pn Siti Mariam Binti Mursidan, Director of Cure and Care department in NADA as well as Director of AADKN9 and one of its main officer.

Generally, this delegation from NADA attended with a purpose to discuss on the best initiatives and strategies which were focused on the right target group based on the current scenario about drug’s abuse in Negeri Sembilan. The focus was paid more on Kawasan Berisiko Tinggi (KBT) in 6 areas such as Mukim Rompin, Mukim Serting Hilir, Gemas, Gemencheh, Ampangan, Seremban. Though, other areas in Negeri Sembilan were not excluded and other programs will continue being conducted like usual.

The government of Negeri Sembilan was also prepared in giving their commitments to prioritize the affected of significant others. This commitment was given to ensure their lives are well-cared as other families and to also prevent them from getting involved in this drug’s abuse problem as they were considered as high-risk group.

The General Director of NADA was honoured with the commitment and the solid cooperation that was shown by the government of Negeri Sembilan in empowering the program in preventing drug’s abuse, helping the recovering clients as well as the significant others who were affected. It was a great hope for this strong cooperation and bond to push on the program’s strategies to give an impact on all NADA’s branch in Negeri Sembilan and the government in Negeri Sembilan in overcoming the issues of drug’s abuse in this state.