275 Million Drug Addicts All Over The World

Kajang, June 28th – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) aims at about 275 million people are involved in drug abuse in 2020, through World Drugs Report.

From the amount, approximately 36 million people are struggling with disorders that are caused by drug’s usage.

As known by the public, drug abuse does not only affect one’s health, but it also contributes in ruining one’s future.

In conjunction with International Anti-drugs Day 2021 which is celebrated on the 26th of June annually, the theme ‘Share Drug’s Facts, Save Lives’ is chosen to act as the main pillar in helping all parties to combat the issue of drug abuse.

The sharing of facts on drugs from the aspect of prevention and treatment must be based on strong informational evidences in order to spread the right knowledge among the society.

According to UNODC as well, the effort in identifying any new strategy to smuggle drugs has to be stricter than before. This comes with a purpose to aid all countries in giving warning to every people within the world.

Even though the world is fighting with the Covid-19 crisis, drug’s smuggling activities are still running active through water pathways, private jets and others. Hence, this issue has to be given extra attention for those activities to be stopped.

Meanwhile, about 17 dialogue session’s programs within different parties are organized by National Anti-drugs Agency (NADA) in conjunction with International Anti-drugs Day 2021. All of the programs are being held virtually through live session in NADA’s Facebook of each state.

Besides that, NADA’s International Department also organizes Webinar Series of Drug Treatment Training for ASEAN Member States 2021 through online screening which involves 10 ASEAN member states on the upcoming 13th to 23rd of July.

The social media platform is utilized for this year’s celebration due to current situation of Covid-19’s pandemic as well as obeying the standard operation procedure (SOP) and also in working together to put the links of the virus on halt.

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