On 17th February 1996, Cabinet has approved the formation of National Drugs Agency (ADK) by combining the Anti Drug Workers Team (PPAD) and Medical Care Treatment and Rehabilitation Department (BRPD) which is an organization under the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN), National Drug Agency is the secretariat of the National Drug Council (MDK) chaired by Y.B. Ministry of Home Affairs and responsible for all aspects of anti drugs activities in the country.

To ensure all country's endeavours to eradicate the threat of drugs are carried out in organized, standardised manner and with direction in order to create a society that is free from drugs.

Responsibilities of National Anti-Drug Agency are as follows:
  • To implement prevention programmes
  • To implement medical care treatment and rehabilitation programme
  • To upgrade the drug information system and evaluate the effectiveness of the country's antidrug programme
  • To increase the regional and international cooperation in the effort of eradicating the threat of drugs
  • Provide secretariat service to the National Drug Council

    National Drug Agency is also formed at the state and district level. ADK State Director is accountable to ADK Chief Director while ADK District Officer is accountable to ADK State Director.