Welcome to National Antidrug Agency's Website.

Website or Portal is also known as gateway of information and is a cyber landmark for an organization. It acts as tools that allow the organization to provide services for external customers and internal users, including international users. The concept of No Wrong Door is supposed to be practiced where the Website provides various services to anyone who visits it.

A Website is supposed to be able to describe the "Core Business" of a department by interpreting all functions and roles of the department through a systematic presentation. Hence, every party who is responsible and given the responsibility as "Content Manager" need to update the content of the website to ensure that it is always relevant and becomes a reference to relevant party.

As the "Lead Agency" in eradication of drugs, AADK should be capable of combining ICT technology with the functions of its "Core-Business" so that the educational efforts in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, invigilation and enforcement can be modernised and implemented by technology.

The research impact of a particular program can measure the effectiveness of the evaluated program based on the allocation in the aspect of finance, infrastructure and man power accompanied by unidivided support from the stakeholders, central agency and the government in helping AADK to rise against the Number 1 enemy of the Country.

Thank you.


Puan Sri Dato' Zuraidah Binti Hj Mohamed
Director General
National Antidrug Agency
Ministry of Home Affair